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What are the Different Business Card Papers Available?


When you decide to have a new business card designed, the first step should be the selection of the business card paper because the paper is what affects the finished appearance of the card.

There are many different types of paper available in the market for printing business cards which is why you have to get your facts straight.

Before you make a choice just keep in mind that the business cards for a successful business must be printed on a high quality paper because a business card is the best marketing tool for a company’s success. A business card is what makes your company memorable so try to pick paper that is of good quality.

Business Card Paper Technology

  1. The paper used for the business card is referred to as Board and Point (pt) is the term used to define the thickness of the paper.
  2. Business cards can be printed on a variety of papers but a 14 pt is considered as the standard. It is more durable than the thin paper sheets which crumple very quickly.
  3. While selecting the paper for full colored business design, opt for a thicker board so the color and images don’t show through the other side of the card when held up against the light.

Paper Variety

These boards are available in several varieties such as:
  • Ivory paper: The ivory paper is of superior quality and lasts for a long period without additional coating. It gives a classy look for companies opting for style and convention.
  • Handmade paper: Hand made paper can be made up of silk, jute, cotton, petals or any other natural resource. This type of paper offers a variety of textures and giving an exclusive look to the business card. But this paper is comparatively expensive to the other textures used.
  • Untearable paper: Untearable boards are preferred more now days. These boards are specially meant for business cards and have a reputation of long life and strength. Untearable board is water proof and difficult to tear. It is used more frequently due to its durability.
  • Art Paper: This is the most normal type of paper used. It can be given a glossy finish or matt finish. If you are using a photo image on the card then opt for the glossy paper. Such paper may cost twice than the regular paper but the result it gives is fabulous. Sometimes people don’t want shimmery effect for their business card so they opt for the matte style. For the more traditional business, textured paper is used to give a sophisticated look to the business card and for the more flamboyant businesses florescent papers make the business cards more vibrant and appealing.

Now day’s business cards are being printed on different types of paper stocks to make them more impressive. The quality of the paper is a primary consideration while creating an ingenious business card. The texture and color of the paper plays a significant role in designing a remarkable business card.

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